We offer a wide variety of audio services for recording and post-production. Basically, if it involves audio or music, we can handle it, and handle it well. Below is a list of some of our services along with samples of our work.


Audio Post Production for Video and Film

Your moving pictures plus our music, effects and expertise equals powerful imagery. From adding an explosion to a car spot to creating an entire sonic environment for a motion picture, we have the resources you need to create sonic magic. The following are just a few examples of our sound design and audio mixing capabilities.

Original and Cleared Music

For more than half a century, music and lyrics composed and produced at Boutwell have enriched countless award-winning commercials, campaigns, videos, and films. Thousands of tracks of cleared music from dozens of libraries are available to add unique enhancements to your projects. Below are examples of original music projects.


If you know what these initials mean, you know you require informed tech support and first-rate gear for your sessions. We’ve got what you need. Televsion and films we have recorded ADR for include: Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order Criminal Intent, CSI New York, Burn Notice, Valentine’s Day, Battle: Los Angeles, Falling Skies, Marley and Me 2 The Puppy Years, The Haunting Hour, Sopranos, Talladega Nights.


A wide variety of local and national voices from every age group are available here for easy audition. We can also assist you in selecting additional talent from across the country to meet your specific needs and your budget.

Digital Delivery & ISDN

After you record your commercials, we can get them to stations throughout North America instantaneously. With ISDN, voiceovers from around the world arrive in real-time for your session via our digital data lines or through SourceConnect technology.


The missing ingredient in most online communications, quality, is the one we supply in quantity.

Surround Mixing

One of the first facilities in the area equipped for 5.1, we’re still the most knowledgeable when it comes to creating a multichannel environment for your projects.